Full term

37 weeks today, I don’t believe it! The baby is officially “full term”- aka fully cooked- though of course I’m well aware that she could stay in there for another 4 and a half weeks if I go overdue. I would stay put too, in this weather.

So am I ready? Emotionally and practically, pretty much. But I’m not mad keen on the idea of having to ski to the hospital in -10 temperatures, or bringing a baby home to a house in which the pipes have frozen. It would be good to hang on for a couple of weeks until this crazy deep freeze has thawed out a little. Plus G’s sister has spent months organising a baby shower for me which takes place next weekend.

On the other hand, I really am starting to go mad cooped up in the house. I still don’t want to risk going outside on my own- it’s slippier than ever- and as a result haven’t left the house in over two days. G has been working these past couple of days, and it’s tough at home without his company/arm to hold on to so I can go outside.

So perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to go into labour. And as my Mum (who is conveniently also a midwife) pointed out, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I had the baby at home. Apart from the frozen pipes thing.

But I gather that I don’t get to choose when the big event happens. So the thumb twiddling begins in earnest…


1 Response to “Full term”

  1. 1 Gillian January 8, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    hi! i am 35 weeks pregnant with my first and have been enjoying reading your blog. i got put on bed rest at home about a week ago in order to keep my blood pressure down and i am also stuck inside since the midwest of the usa is currently an arctic tundra. also getting a bit of cabin fever. a good time to be stuck inside but still…wish i could bottle all this free time and relaxation for the future! take good care and i’m excited to keep reading.

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