New arrival!

No, silly! Not that kind of new arrival. Just a cute little snow-chap who appeared overnight at the end of our washing line, during the heavy snowfall of Mon/Tues. Isn’t he lovely? (NB we did not make him, he is a naturally occuring phenomenon). He looks sort of stoical I think, sitting there waiting for something.

Sadly he had melted by nightfall yesterday, but the city is still covered in a thick layer of the white stuff. I’ve never seen snow like it in sludgey grey Manchester before. It’s magical. I feel like I live in Canada or similar. Though it isn’t helping in my bid to fill the empty hours of maternity leave, as it’s still pretty treacherous going outside. Having said that, yesterday I managed, after a snowy walk (and only one tumble) to snooze on and off from 2pm until bedtime, and then to sleep all night more soundly than I have done in weeks, with only two wee-breaks- a miracle! So perhaps filling my time isn’t going to be such a mission after all.

Today’s activities? Ordering a bouncy chair and baby monitor online (done), and taking down the Christmas decorations. I’ll definitely need a nap after that.


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