Snow joke

I’ve been busy. Busy at work, where my loveable yet whip-cracking new producer has been glowering at me across the desk if the phone stays on its receiver for  more than 30 seconds. Busy at home with my pseudo-middle aged housewife routine of evening activities: choir, dance class, the damnable but addictable Brit Mil Fit, which makes Wednesday my only free and therefore bloggable evening. And busy at the weekends, er, doing, y’know…stuff.. wine and stuff. Lying on the sofa. Making pizza. Busy important stuff.

But what is more boring than a blogger apologising for not blogging? So let me tease you with the stories to come in a week’s time, when we return from our Great! Holiday! to Poland, on which we’re about to embark. There will be a wedding, and a hot spa, and a city minibreak. I hope there will be rollmops and other vinegary fish, maybe dumplings and definitely vodka. And there will be me being the biggest boofus I have ever been in my LIFE, because there will be snowboarding. I’ve never done it before and I predict I will cry more than once as I attempt to leap onto ski lifts, edge down the nursery slope shaking with fear, and clatter arse over snowboot repeatedly. Luckily I have snazzy ski clothes (borrowed from a friend more snazzy than I) so at least when I’m tied in a knot on the floor with a faceful of snow, I’ll be clad in well-cut black salopettes and a natty collared jacket.

See you in a week!


1 Response to “Snow joke”

  1. 1 Thursday January 30, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    As long as one looks stylish as one is face down in the snow, all is well. Have a lovely time Bokker. Take pictures and put them on Flickr. Your photostream is decidely bare.

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