2009: Year of the Tiger (Face)

I suppose I should blog, shouldn’t I?

So, happy new year, and there goes another one, and here comes another one. Seems rather odd to celebrate what is, after all, merely the passing of time. But celebrate we did, with a small but highly debauched party during which THE MOST HIDEOUS photos of me ever were taken. In fact, THE WORST PHOTO of me ever was taken just as two of my friends were discussing how photogenic they think I am. Heh. No I’m not posting any of them.

But, speaking of photos, it’s through the medium of photography that I wish to convey my new year resolution. The below snap was taken at a party on 29th Dec. When my beloved friend B (pictured left) and I looked at it after it was taken, we cracked up laughing because I have literally never pulled this facial expression in my life before.


(Also pictured, friend S who is always banging on at me to blog about him. But then never reads my blog). B and I spent many minutes over the next two days talking about the Tiger Face, and looking at it again, and laughing. Basically, imagine a personality which is the opposite of that face, and that is my personality.That’s why it was so funny.

Then on New Year’s Eve, B took another picture of me, looked at it, and burst out laughing. “You know how you said you never pull the Tiger Face? Well maybe you should think again.” There it was again! Unfortunately, B has selfishly taken his camera back to The London with Tiger Face 2 on it- but as soon as that baby is on Facebook I’ll be transferring it across here.

So I’ve decided, the Tiger Face is trying to tell me something. I want to be a bit more like that: more feisty, more fierce. More rarrr. Though I do already have a core of steel and can be fairly tigerish at times,  I want to cultivate some fire and tone down the delicate flower a little.  So that’s my resolution for 2009: to channel the Tiger Face.

And the rest? In truth, I do have other resolutions, but I daren’t speak them in case they don’t come true. I do feel and hope that this year will be one of change. However, after a year in which I lost my wonderful Grandpa and went through other, unblogged things which were Not Nice , mostly what I would like for 2009 is for no sad things to happen. K? Thx. Bye.


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