Tune your violins please…

… because the pity party starts here and I’m going to need an accompaniment.

This post is by way of excusing myself for the next few days. The Sausage Factory is set to kick my ass to the moon and back again.  I’m about to embark on another terrifying thrilling work project which engenders working from- get this:

10am Friday to 2am Saturday, filming people who have jobs far more important than my own (people who can’t use my work get-out clause “hey, we’re not saving babies”, because, well they are). Then I’ll travel back to home base and sleep from around 5am on Sat morning until I have to get up to start- START- editing at 4pm. Yes, after it is dark. Sob. I’ll wrap up there at silly o’clock, then start again on Sunday morning. Repeat through Monday and Tuesday.

So as you can imagine, there will be little time for blogging. Unless it’s to deafen you all with sound of the full string section I’ll need to accompany the self-indulgent wailing of “I’m tiiiiiiiired! I work so haaaaard! Woe. WOE!”


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