Because I like to cry (and add links)

Well, I’m off my holidays for two weeks today, and should really be completing my work handover (in extremely thorough detail- not because I’m conscientious, particularly, but because I don’t want any bugger to call me on my jollies. There will be wrath!). But it IS my lunchbreak, so I’m procrastinating blogging.

Today’s word is choirs. I’m a bit of a cryer, and two things are garuanteed to get me blubbing in moments: children and choirs. I’m a member of a chorus myself, and find it incredibly exhilerating (you try singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight en masse without coming over all goose-bumpy). I really think that if everyone joined a choir or singing group, the worlds problems would be far fewer. It has it all: community, friendship, music (obviously), crying, really loud singing, showing off, applause and sometimes even jazz-hands. I watched The Secret Millionaire the other night, and the sight of a group of homeless people singing “Happy Together” had me weeping buckets. It was obvious how the choir gave them a sense of pride, and enjoyment, and light which was largely missing from their lives. 

Something about watching and listening to a group of people sing with gusto makes me weepy, and not just in a wet-eyes, fond smile kind of way; but in a sudden, cathartic bark of “a-buh-huh!” kind of way. You know, when you feel it building and suddenly your heart jumps out of your mouth and you go “a-buh-huh!” out loud. No?

Thanks to the wonders of the interweb, I’ve been enjoying (and weeping along to) BBC One’s Last Choir Standing during my lunch breaks at work. It’s just another TV talent show, but with choirs. Oh man. Choirs and nail-biting tension and heart-breaking eliminations? Love.  I watched the final at lunchtime the other day, and it did for me. My favourite moment of unbridled happy sobbing was when Only Men Allowed sang Don’t Rain On My Parade after they’d found out they’d won. They just look so happy when they’re belting out HEY WORLD HERE I COOOOOOOME! With dancing sticks and everything. The fact that they have Welsh accents is also a bonus.  Um, it transpires that I don’t know how to embed video, so here’s a link.

And this one? Oh bloody hell. I almost crawled under my desk to cry in peace. If you want to cry, then watch it. It’s a known fact that a falsetto voice = more weeping.

Of course, choirs are also quite boofus (link to my old blog- since my link finger’s a-clicking overtime). And I advise that you stick with this video of all three finalist choirs singing I’m Still Standing, in order to see the hilarious dance move which accompanies the lyrics “feeling like a little kid”. Boofus points for whoever coreographed that particular gem. In fact, the whole dance is pretty funny- especially when the presenters, quite self-consciously, do the arm movements to the “I’m still standing” bit (as the producers piss themselves laughing in the gallery, no doubt, having forced the presenters to do said move).

Also- some of the scary faces in this number are quite something (particularly at around 00.34). Yikes.

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be in Greece.

But don’t go away. Am loving the blog right now, and will be back.


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