Minibreak Mania

Pei and I had a lot of fun on our minibreak to Chester, as you can see:

Don’t worry, we were just pretending to be Victorians in this picture. We really did have much merriment. The zoo was a highlight, and fun was had pretending to be animals (we don’t pretend all the time, by the way. Just most of it). Here’s pei demonstrating her best “smug camel”:

And me doing an uncanny impersonation of a condor spreading its wings (look closely and you’ll spot said condor in the background):

The zoo was not all laughs, however. I evidently found the innovative marmot enclosure terrifying:

While pei took it all in her stride:

(I must add that we found this marmot enclosure possibly one of the most hilarious and thrilling things we had ever experienced. You had to crawl through a tunnel to get into it).

Pei was not too happy about the whiff of the monkey houses, and we were both somewhat disgruntled at the lack of orangutans, especially having huffed and puffed up a winding wooden ramp to get to their enclosure.

I have to say that a real low point for me was the giant tortoise shells. I was desperate to play in these- ie stick my head out of one end and feet out of another for an amusing photo opportunity. I waited patiently by the shells, only to be usurped twice by presumptuous children. Presumptuous in that they presumed a grown woman would not want to climb inside a giant tortoiseshell. To add insult to injury, one of the shells had been monopolised by one woman. She was not inside the shell, no. She was leaning against it, breastfeeding. Now may I just say, I am a great fan of breastfeeding, and applaud breastfeeding in public. Go ahead, suckle your young by all means! But if you have no intention of climbing inside a giant tortoiseshell for the amusement of yourself and your companions, please do not selfishly take over one of the shells.  They are for me to play in, not to be leaned against for nursing purposes, particularly when there is a perfectly good bench mere metres away. You can sit on the bench and nurse; I cannot climb inside the bench to great comic effect.

I’ll finish this post with a picture of me waiting for the tortoiseshells to come free. I’m not sure that this was entirely posed, and suspect, with a mounting sense of shame, that this was my genuine facial expression at the time:

(Breastfeeding mother not pictured. Obviously)


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