But what of bokker?

Who is she, what do she, and why?

This will be cross-posted in my “About Me” section. I’ll be weeding out some of the better posts from my old blog (http://bokker.vox.com) by way of a more rounded introduction, in the fullness of time.

To begin on a note of breathtaking unoriginality, let me introduce myself in the form of a 9-point meme. I tried to think of ten things to write, but the tenth was rubbish (started to sound like a job application):

1. I’m new on tinterweb, and yet not new. I’ve been writing over at Vox for a couple of years, but my posts have become more sporadic. Moving to Wordpress is a way of kicking myself up the bum, and,  being able to keep a beady eye on who’s reading, where they’re from and, let’s be honest, how many of them there are. Also I like comments- giving and receiving- and on this forum everyone can join in. Even the trolls. I’ll be honoured if I get a troll. I hear it’s quite a status symbol in the blogodrome.

2. Nearly 28 years after being born in the Northern metropolis of Manchester, I’ve ended up living five minutes away from my childhood home.

3. I am a proud sister to two siblings on earth (A is a female human being and J a male), and one beautiful little sister (H) whom we lost suddenly when she was sixteen, four years ago.  I miss her every day.

4. I live in sin with my long-term boyfriend G (would anyone ever refer to their partner as a “short term boyfriend”, I wonder?), who will read by blog, even if nobody else does. It’s just the two of us- no rugrats and no pets (though I do have lots of special babies- see point 8).

5. I work in TV , producing short current affairs films. This takes me to a staggering variety of places (Slough, Newbury, Leicester….) to meet all of human life. I love my job but it frequently makes my head explode- more on this as the posts unfold, I’m sure. My workplace will be referred to as The Sausage Factory, thanks to the relentless pace and volume at which we churn out television.

6. I also harbour dreams of being a writer one day- hence the blog. I’m not ashamed! (runs away)

7. I like to share, but not overshare, so my real name, surname and identity won’t be bandied about on this website. Not that a stalker reader would have to use all their powers of investigation to find out who I am; it’s just that I’ve learned from my long blog-reading career that this is the best way, the only way for me.

8. I love gardening, and have a small but abundant yarden. For those who’d like to buy me a plant, my general rule of thumb is that if it produces something I can eat, I’m all over it. I write this in August, when the garden is busting out all over with courgettes, tomatoes, beans, herbs and hopefully aubergines, if the bugs stop eating them. If you have no time for horticulture, I’d advise you go elsewhere during the months of April and May, when I suddenly start wetting myself at the dawn of the new gardening season, and have been known to wax lyrical on home-made compost.

9. Home-made compost, by the way. It’s a miracle.


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